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Digital Entrepreneur, Founder Of MeetMain Digital Agency

This is Suraj, I'm a certified digital entrepreneur and the founder of MeetMain Digital Agency. I have been in the Digital Marketing field for two years, and it is a field that is exploding and valuable for any type of business. As I had seen that there was a huge gap in marketing and that no one could provide a particularly powerful strategy for how to grow a business through digital marketing. I think my 2 years of experience and updated knowledge help me provide a powerful strategy for growing a business through digital marketing. So I created a startup and agency based, this company is not only my company but also a platform to help grow your business because MeetMain Means Meet With Your Main People, I want to create a digital era in INDIA and promote businesses online. I am not only involved in service but also educate about digital marketing so people are aware of it.

''The best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy ''

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Hii, I'am Arnab. I' am a Certified Digital Marketer with 6+ years of Experience. Specialist Shopify Dropshipping SEM ( Google ads & bing ads campaign), SMM ( Facebook Instagram Marketing, Pinterest, Twitter & Linkedin Marketing) CEO of a full- service Digital Marketing Agency. Delivering extraordinary results to clients globally. I' am a full freelancer with more marketing strategies. I am all time focused to achieve my client's goal. I am expert in SEM( Search Engine Marketing)/ PPC, Video ads Campaign, SMM ( Social Media Marketing), CRO, Shopping, Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics

''The best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy ''

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Hii, I'm Krishanu. My role as a marketing and sales executive. I am responsible for developing and planning marketing campaigns and strategies to promote services, events and products. With over 2 years experience. My role involves liaising with clients, planning, organizing events, advertising lead conversion and research. I specialize in cold marketing, building lasting client relationship and developing effective strategies. I specialize in public speaking, effective communication and developing effective strategies. Generate roughly around 7.5 lakhs INR revenue within a span of 1.5 years. And also writing articles about different given niche free content for about 1500 words a day. Creating Creativity post through canva and post it on the company's official social media handles. I also used to manage their social media presence on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

"Content builds relationship, Relationships build on trust, Trust drives revenue"


MeetMain is not only target to company but it is a result oriented and aim to reach potential customers online through omni channel marketing, multichannel marketing, or growth marketing. It also interacts with customers in single/multiple channels such as website, blogs, email, social media, ORM, and more. The Digital Marketing in India work with transparency, efficiency and strives to get customers to top in their brand segment digitally amongst the competitor. The eventual aim is to get the customers to build an in-house digital team to achieve an economy of effort and ROI by educating and training the staff for a lasting setup. We desire to make clients digitally perfect in the world of digital domain.

MeetMain is the top digital marketing company specializing in online marketing. SEO, Social media, website design etc. is technique to increase the sales and generate leads for your business. Making it manageable to more people there by increasing its sales and lead generation result. We are among the best Digital marketing companies with a special team which manage every business requirement and does an in depth study helping customers to get the best Digital Marketing Service.

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MeetMain is the top Digital marketing company providing interactive services which are specialized and digital focused. Services like SEO, WEBSSITE DESIGNING, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, PAID ADS, EMAIL MARKETING, GRAPHIIC DISIGNING, BRANDING, CONSULTING etc. and corporate identity are the prime fascia of the company. Being a digital focused digital marketing company, the main aim is to inspire, innovate and energize brand conversation, engagement in mobile, online and all other media's.

Creating an impact online is the major focus of most of the brands. With solutions like management, branding and marketing from MeetMain, a Digital marketing company where one can be assured to get the best promotion which will help him to reach the goal. With the help of Digital marketing, the chances of getting more and more business increases which thereby is increasing the revenue.

When an improve sales and lead generation and also a website gets more audience which, in the other way is increasing the earnings. Apart from that MeetMain works on 2D and 3D animations. Customers can list their requirements, and with trained artists. MeetMain considered the best web design companies furnishes wonderful videos which can be used for advertising or any other purposes.

Corporate often requires animated presentation. MeetMain is among the best Digital Marketing Companies providing such functionalities ensure secrecy and quick delivery. A customer is required to supply the relevant data and the design team will be ready with the animated presentation within some times. Logo design services are also provided by MeetMain, a well known digital marketing company works under the animated services.

MeetMain is the top digital marketing company aiming to bring the usability of technology in all the different sectors and that too at an affordable price. Services and digital solution should be extended to the clients in such a way so that they never feel dissatisfied in any aspects.

''The best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy ''

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